About Us


Who We Are

Music Aurora is a registered not-for-profit organization whose mission is to foster a vibrant and active music scene in the community of Aurora and area for the benefit of its residents, local musicians, schools and businesses that support the music industry and live programming. Music Aurora is 100% volunteer organized and any proceeds go to support Youth in Music in our community.


Executive Team

Jamie MacDonald, President and Chair
Greg Smith, Vice President
Julia Germain, Secretary/Treasurer

Stewart McLaren, Board Member



Glenn Marais – Musician Advisory
Nancy Bodi – Fund Development Advisory



Music Aurora’s constitution outlines membership categories which will be announced later in the year.



Music Aurora was formed for the benefit of the music community, which is defined as music lovers, musicians, individuals involved in the music industry and those who are interested in music as an art form, Music Aurora will provide the following services:



Representation of members’ interests to music industry, government and the public to ensure there is a coordinated and collaborative voice.



Support member live music events by assisting with but not limited to:
• Production and delivery of live performances, concerts and festivals
• Partnerships with community groups for coordinated programming
• Sound, Staging and Technical expertise
• Shared equipment rentals
• Joint promotion, advertising and communication
• Joint Sponsorship partnerships
• Shared Ticketing service
• Consultation services re permits and insurance


Education & Support

Through programs, workshops and seminars aimed at furthering the professional development of our membership, and fostering awareness of local musicians and the local music scene. Assisting with local school music programs and local youth musicians through instrument donations, funding support and professional mentoring. Partnering with community groups for the purpose of fundraising for charitable causes.



Through digital/social media, communicating with our members and the local community about such things as live music events (concerts, festivals, recitals, clubs etc.), musician/band profiles, e-newsletter, as well as any other pertinent information the membership requires.



Working with our membership to recognize outstanding individual, group and professional contributions and achievements within the music community through informational channels and formal events.